Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had a bit of a fashion crisis this morning. I was standing in front of my closet, dress pants in one hand, new Esprit blouse in the other. I have been attempting to wear this blouse for the past two weeks, but have been unable to figure out how to tie the oddly placed ribbons coming out of the round collar. Tying them like a bow looks stupid, and leaving them untied doesn't work either. I was tempted to take the blouse to my tailor to have the ribbons removed, but that didn't help me this morning when this was my only shirt that didn't need ironing and I was already running late.

And then I had it. My "a-ha" moment. WWCD? Or, for those of you who do not watch America's Next Top Model, What Would Celia Do?

You see, Celia, (who got the boot last week for being too long in the tooth at the ripe old age of 25), could style a paper bag and make it look like Chanel. So certainly she would know what to do with these ribbons. I looked in the mirror and repeated "What Would Celia Do?". Inspiration hit, and I knotted the ribbons like a man's tie, tucked them into my shirt and inspected my handiwork. It looked good. Now all I needed to do was rock it with confidence and make it look like that is how it is meant to be worn. From this point forward, whenever I have a fashion crisis, I will channel my inner Celia. Now if I only had her legs as well, life would be grand.


  1. Anonymous8:50 p.m.

    So.. did you get lots of compliments on it. You should take a pic the next time you do the WWCD treatment and let us all see.

    Still reading every day and getting inspiration from you :)


  2. I totally DID NOT get lots of compliments. Maybe I just looked so fierce they were all intimidated. Or maybe I need to get that blouse to my tailor after all? Lol. I will definitely take a picture next time!

    We must do lunch...or happy hour soon Rhonda :)

  3. love it!
    I was so sad to see Celia go. ANTM is dead to me now.