Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Politics of Facebook.

We've all done it, don't act like you haven't. Unfriended someone, that is. And blocking too…you KNOW you know how to use that feature. Limited Profile for your coworkers? Yep, natch. Maybe you've even made your profile completely hidden, unsearchable by the unwashed masses. Me, I am a Facebook whore. I will friend absolutely anyone. Well, maybe not Tom Cruise. Or Kim Jong-il. But that girl who was mean to me in public school because I got good grades? We are FB-BFFs (I am somehow much cooler now, go figure). And the guy who used to pick on me for being a music nerd? I check out his profile regularly and thoroughly enjoy that he a) got fat, b) hates his job and c) his kids are not nearly as cute as mine.

Some people are not as open about who they friend on Facebook - I get that. I work in marketing, and I see Facebook as not only a way to connect with friends, but as a social media tool. I don't post risqué pictures of myself on Facebook. I tend to keep my status updates PG. Being a bit of an "over-sharer" means I am comfortable with anyone from casual aquaintances to my best friend knowing that I have been forced to go commando because I have not done laundry in two weeks. I am down with the world knowing my menstrual cycle, that I have the sex drive of a teenage boy, and I listen to gangsta rap. I blog about it, so what's the difference if I talk about it on Facebook too? Not everyone is as open as me (shocking, I know). I like to put it all out there, it makes it easy to remember who I told what if I just tell everyone everything.

In a nutshell, I won't take it personally if you decide not to accept my friend request, unfriend me, or give me a limited profile. I really don't care. Facebook is just a networking tool for me - and a way to keep track of who's doing what with whom. A note though, to that guy from college, who won't friend me back. You know who you are, and I CAN'T WAIT to see you at the reunion in July. Be warned, I am totally going to bust your balls for not being Facebook friends with me. Yeah, I'm going to make it weird! Not to worry faithful Fickle Feline readers, I'm going to try to record the conversation on my flip and I'll post it on youtube so we can all enjoy the awkward moment as he realizes I have caught him on candid camera. Hey, it's not like we're friends or anything!


  1. Anonymous8:10 p.m.

    I had no problem blocking and deleting people. They didn't need to know about my life. Then I deleted my profile altogether. It's going on three months since I was on FB and I don't miss it at all. It's become an adult MySpace.

    I'll probably reactivate my account when I'm married to my hot man and had my envied-by-all wedding (but you and your husband will be privy to all the details first person, of course).

    - KJ

  2. Lol Kim! I was wondering where the heck you went :-)

  3. Anonymous8:48 p.m.

    Fuck I love you Kat.

    - A. xo

  4. You are hilarious.

  5. hee, hee...that was hillarious!