Monday, May 18, 2009

Too White For Rap?

You'd never guess it by looking at me. Never in a million years. But it's true, I have mad love in my heart for hip hop. And not just love for the white/Jewish Beastie Boys either, I like me some Biggie. Snoop too. I never was that into Tupac, but DMX? That's the good stuff. I've also been known to listen to rap while driving - yeah that's me in the 2001 Camry, cursing with the best of them. Makes for an awkward conversation when I get pulled over for having a lead foot ("Really officer, I have NO IDEA how that N.W.A. cd got in my stereo...").

Since our tv bit the big one, our Saturday movie date night has been moved to Scott's laptop. This week we rented "Notorious". I love reading biographies, and I dig Biggie's music, so I knew I'd like it. But man did I ever LOVE it. Who knows how accurate it is (Puffy comes off looking like a prince), but it was very entertaining. The best part was rapping along, putting our hands up in the air at all the requisite parts, and basically just acting stupid. With all the crazy stress in our lives, it feels good to blow off some steam together, and forget, just for a moment, that we are grown ups, with very grown up responsibilities.

This picture was taken at a Halloween party in 2004. You can tell we don't have kids yet because we look so rested.


  1. that's a great shot of you guys.

    Although, I would not like to meet that guy in a dark alley

  2. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about the pre-kids relaxed feeling (with practically no responsibilities!). Obviously, I wouldn't trade my kids for the world, but it was really neat to see a pic of you guys chillaxing, without any worries.

    I'm a closet hip hop fan too. I wouldn't dare busting the moves out in public, but in front of the TV on a Saturday night is totally fun.

  3. Anonymous8:14 p.m.

    Watched it this week.


    I lost several brain cells watching that piece of s#!%.

    You know I don't curse...but I WAS after watching that hideous movie.