Friday, May 15, 2009

A Little Less Television, A Little More Action Please.

Our big, fancy, behemoth television has been acting funky for the past few weeks. The colour seemed a bit off - a bit "trippy". We called in a tv repair guy, who dismantled it, announced it was the "colour-something-or-other-thingy" and that would be $400 to fix. Awesome. He put the tv back together, and we told him we needed to think about it. When we went to turn the tv back on, omg, the guy had made it SO MUCH WORSE. It was now completely unwatchable. Bloody hell.

We dragged the little tv up from the basement and hooked it up to the cable. The problem is that we can't hook the dvd player and PVR up to this tv. You know what this means? I watched the Grey's Anatomy finale on a crappy little tv instead of in beautiful high def. And No Dora! No access to the 50 hours of Dora we have recorded. No Dora dvds. The kids, they love their Dora. And I love that they love their Dora. And we have a long weekend coming up! And it is supposed to RAIN all weekend. Did I say Awesome already?? Not that I condone parking your kids in front of the tv all day, but come on, we all use the tv to distract when we need to get something done, or dog forbid, need a break.

Scott and his dad have promised me this will be resolved one way or another by Tuesday. Until then, I'll be watching whatever Treehouse serves up and renting movies through itunes (I hear that Liam Neeson movie "Taken" is out). Or, maybe I'll go for a walk and look at the trees...


  1. aw! sorry to hear about the tv. we dont watch that much tv, but when our tv went out of commision for about a week or so, it was pretty unbearable. cuz you know, lulu and i had to actually talk to each other and stuff.

  2. LOL! Hah. Yeah, all that talking...shoot. I think it's tough on Scott because of the NBA playoffs as well. I'm just cranky because I'm stuck watching the season finales on the sh!tbox.