Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 13: Weight Loss Wednesday (aka "Shaken, Not Stirred").

Finally, some movement on the scale! If you're thinking, my dog, this is the slowest weight loss EVER, join the club! What a relief to see that scale nudge down a pound after toying with me the past few weeks. I have definitely been doing better with the whole drinking water thing, but my schedule has been a bit out of wack in terms of eating. The mornings are such a whirlwind, trying to get everyone out the door. I usually manage a cup of coffee and a bite of toast. Dinners tend to be later than we'd like, (after the kids are in bed), but what can you do? Such is the life of two full time working parents. If my life were a snow globe, it would be a sandstorm, shaken constantly, and I'd be that hula girl, but instead of being glued to the bottom, I'd be getting tossed around in the waves, with my mouth full of sand. Things are going to settle down right? Right??

Week 1 Weight: 170.8 lbs
Current Weight: 164lbs
Ladytown Status: clothed in beautiful lingerie, underappreciated


  1. Ladytown

    I lost 1.2 lbs last week, have weigh in again tonight. Not hoping for more than a lb as I just haven't been working it like I should. I've been doing more of the 80/20 rule with the addition of wine flavoured water a couple nights a week. All that generally equals minimal weight loss. My eating has been good though. Too bad that's not enough !

    Congrats on the loss..oh, and all the new underpants ! I know they have classier names, but the word underpants makes me wmile :)

  2. one pound is amazing..way to must be really hard getting back into the working routine, and to be down a pound with that - what and amazing week - congrat's..