Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support Team Maxwell & Win a Camp Pack!

Hey, have I mentioned that we're participating in the Autism Speaks Walk Now For Autism? I have? Well shoot, then why haven't you donated yet? Come on - you can spare $20 for a great kid like Max. Shoot, you can probably even spare $25!Great News: The lovely ladies at Mabel's Labels, who are HUGE advocates for Autism, have thrown their support behind us! They are donating 2 Camp Packs so we can run a Walk Now For Autism Contest. The contest works like this - you donate to Team Maxwell. On the day of the walk, we will run a draw and select 2 winners (it will be super scientific and involve a bunch of names on little scraps of paper). Max will officiate to make sure it's fair. Cameron will pick the winners from a hat. I'll film it and post a video so you can see it isn't rigged. If you have already donated (thanks!!), not to worry, you are entered! If you haven't yet donated, well, you need to go and show us some love for your chance to win. And if you are thinking "I'm kid-free, I don't need no stinkin' camp labels" - I'm sure we can switch them up for something else, like a kick ass Neat Freak Combo or something like that.

So, please donate. And if you do so anonymously, email me so I know to add your name to the draw!


  1. Anonymous7:28 p.m.

    I'll have to talk to that Cameron about how to pick that name! lol

  2. Just make sure her fingers are really sticky...

  3. Hey Kat

    We've raised some money for team khaled and I wanted to ask you a blogging related quesiton. How do I get that gadget or widget on to my page? I want a clickable widget that will go to my donation page. Shed some light on that if you can and if you have time. Lovely to hear of Max's progres.

  4. That's wonderful! I hope we can meet up and walk together :-)

    If you go into your blogger settings, under customize, you should be able to add a link to your donation page. I made up a little image for it as well, just to draw attention to it.