Saturday, March 07, 2009

Max Update: We Have Lift Off!

Max has been showing an extraordinary amount of progress over the past few weeks. His eye contact is increasing to the point of verging on, dare I say, "neurotypical", and the his words are really starting to roll. Last weekend, as we were leaving a birthday party (where he did great), we were taking too long wrapping up, and he took Scott's hand, looked at him, and said "this way". Today in his IBI therapy session with Brian he said "ball please". We have also heard the words "up", "down", "hot", and my favourite "awh geez". That last one is particularly funny because it is what we say instead of swearing. Children truly do figure out the best words, don't they?

In other news, my MPP, Kevin Flynn has set up a call with me for Monday afternoon. Apparently he has an update for me on calls he has put out to Erinoak and Deb Matthews, the Minister of Children and Youth Services, on Max's behalf. I'm guessing that we will be told "sorry, I tried, can't do anything for him", but I'll let you know. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.


  1. YEAH! That is SO exciting!!! LOVE that smile when Brian enters the room, that is AWESOME!!!
    He is so adorable, as is your daughter.

    Love the music background in your vids, how do you accomplish that?

    Seeing your daughter in her car seat reminds me about my little guy in his seat, aren't those so convenient? I don't want to move Little Man to his big boy car seat even though it is almost time!

  2. It has taken about 2 months for Max to get excited when he sees Brian. Very cool that they have bonded so nicely. I am using the flip app to edit the videos and there is an option to add music (I just used the music the app provided) on the last screen before you finalize the video.

    Cam is getting too darn heavy for that car nearly does me in if I have to carry it any kind of distance! Lol. And she wiggles like a little piggy when I try to put her in it and get her out, so she will be in a big girl car seat on her 1st birthday!

  3. Hi there! I got a Google alert about this post—I write a blog about my own Max, who is six and has cerebral palsy. Came over to say hello. It sounds like your Max is making some significant progress. It is unbelievable how much kids can amaze you, we've found the same with our son. We were told he might never walk, but he does. He has his challenges yet he is doing so much better than the doom-and-gloom doctors said he would.

    I hope your Max continues to amaze you. You seem like a great mom—