Monday, March 30, 2009

Blast From the Past - Part Deux.

Apparently I'm easily influenced. Or maybe I just have a rubber arm that I wanted twisted. After much back and forth with my friends Tanya, Michelle, and Ellen, via Facebook, I have decided to go to my college reunion in July. I would share the message stream (34 comments and counting), the private emails, and the wall posts with you, but some of the info is rather personal, and the rest of it, you really wouldn't care about (unless you were the person I just found out made out with so-and-so, and if so, you really should be blushing right now).

My friends pointed out that they too had their hearts broken in college, and that I'm not special there - that's part of college. And making bad calls, also part of college. got it, according to them, part of college. The fact that they cared enough to harass me relentlessly via Facebook made me realize that there are at least three people (maybe four), that really want to see me at this thing. Well, flattery will get you everywhere with me, so when my friend Ellen told me about a seat sale this morning, I went ahead and booked a ticket before I could change my mind. I took a webcam photo of myself as I did it so that when I come to my senses I will have proof that I wasn't tied up and forced into it.

Wow, talk about a motivator to shed those pounds! Time to reinstate the no-carbs-after-5pm rule and stick with it. I have 3 months get trimmed down to my goal weight. Maybe I'll reward myself with a trip to the Mall of America.

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  1. Hey Kat! SO excited you are coming to the reunion. I am glad that we were able to show you that this will be a good thing. We'll be there to hold your hand in case we're wrong:-)