Thursday, March 26, 2009

America's Next Top Model: The Benny Ninja Show.

Benny Ninja drives me a bit nuts. He is completely absurd and over the top. I suppose I understand why ANTM keeps having him back - he provides great entertainment value. Every season he shows up and runs a "Pose Off", which inevitably makes most of the girls look like they have no clue of how their bodies work, let alone how to show off the clothes they are supposed to be modeling. This season they dressed the girls up like a bunch of blonde drag queens and put them on a super skinny runway so they could get cheered or booed by "New York's Elite Fashionistas". Colour me bored. They all pretty much sucked and Granny-Celia won the day by default.

The photo concept this week was a new one I haven't seen before. The girls were supposed to be posing as immigrants, new to America, on Ellis Island. I'm not sure how the Benny Ninja angle worked in, and he looked a little odd in the pictures. I hated the clothes - the models looked like they were wearing sacs. Tahlia, who had been bitching all show about how she wanted to go home, seemed to have the best picture, which clearly pissed off all of the other girls. ET-Tiana also had a terrific picture, but ultimately, Tahlia won the day with her hot mamacita photo, and Nascar-Kortnie got the boot.

Best part? When after Tyra booted Nascar-Kortnie and Granny-Celia was a total bitch, ratting Tahlia out to Tyra, saying it was "unfair" that Talia got to stay when she didnt' really want to be there. Tyra smacked her down hard, which I loved. Granny-Celia is now on my shit list and I hope that she gets booted out pronto for being a bitch and a backstabber. Can't wait to see how this plays out next week. Drama!

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  1. I want Celia to LEAVE!!! I know it's going to make for some good drama but I can't stand her ass. She thinks she's so highbrow when she's painfully average. She looks sickly as well.

    Tahlia should shut up. She's a pretty girl but she should be decisive.