Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank Dog For Monday.

How do you feel when Sunday night rolls around? Are you filled with dread that your weekend is over and you have to get back to the daily grind in a mere 12 hours? Not me. Our weekends can be intense. Max is so used to being constantly stimulated with his busy weekdays of daycare and therapy, that we have a hard time keeping him sufficiently entertained on the weekend. The fact that this winter has been brutally cold hasn't helped matters because we haven't been able to get him outside to burn off his excess energy, and the little kid gyms aren't suitable for Max as he tends to run wild and bowl other little unsuspecting kiddies over. He has also been sick with this nasty cold we keep passing back and forth to one another, and when he is sick, his behaviour really goes downhill. I do feel mildly guilty about feeling this relief that the weekend is over, but I think Max feels it too. The smile on his face as he heads out the door on Monday morning with Scott is unmistakable. If he could verbally express it, I think he'd say "thank dog I'm back to my regular routine - you guys are bor-ing". It will be easier with the warmer weather just around the corner. We will be able to take him on more walks, and to the park so he can breathe the fresh air and he'll be able to play in the backyard to his heart's content. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the last month of Monday mornings before I head back to work in May, and appreciate them for what they are.


  1. Cam looks so cute in those overalls! :)

  2. And her favourite shirt!! Those overalls were Max's!