Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girls' Roadtrip: Saturday and We're Feeling Fine.

Cameron and I are now in Ithaca, having a blast. There is something in the air here that just makes me relax. Or maybe it's that I'm out of my usual environment and I don't have to worry about managing the day-to-day stuff of life. Whatever it is, I clearly needed it as I haven't felt this laid back since...the last time I was here!

My early birthday present (thanks Mom!) was waiting for me when I arrived. I have already taken a few videos of the kids with my Flip. This little gadget is fantastic - if you have kids, or like randomly waxing poetic, you should get one. And I'm not even getting paid to say that! How is that for transparency?

There are turkeys and deer wandering around and I promise to catch them on film this weekend. For now, here are some videos of the beautiful Haschmo making dinner for little Zevi, and my brother David reading stories to the kids.


  1. Anonymous11:40 a.m.

    I love it when a present for someone else has such nice pay back for me! Keep em coming, kiddo.


  2. Happy to oblige!