Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cameron Update.

When your firstborn child is Autistic, you really have no idea of how a "neurotypical" child is supposed to develop. Cameron appears to be neurotypical, and her development is blowing my mind. Most parents would think nothing of a child responding to her name, objecting to strangers holding her or getting upset when you try to put her down. For us, each new development is a novelty, something we have never experienced. This morning, as I read Cameron a book about animals, making animal sounds as we turned each page, she pointed. She pointed with her index finger at the horse, the dog, the chick, and the pig. She pointed and then looked at me every time I made the corresponding animal sound. I know I overuse this phrase, but all I could think was "awesome".


  1. Anonymous3:09 p.m.

    I know more than one family who didn't know they had a child with autism until they had a second "neurotypical" child. A child's development is mind blowing.

  2. My second child was the same. I think it was the eye contact that did me in. And the constant hugs. I had not been aware of how starved I was for my child to just simply hug me, after having Sam first. Just enjoy the sunshine, baby xo.

  3. I had my first NT child 15 months after my boy with autism. I thought she was brilliant, gifted, etc. Then I realized that she was just plain ol' normal...but it took me a long time. Five kids into it and I still marvel when they know something through observation...not through my explicit teaching of it!