Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wake Up Call.

Sometimes life reaches out and shakes the shit out of you. Wakes you up. Reminds you of what is important. After driving for more than 4 hours, I was only 16 kilometres from home. My car rubbed the back of a transport truck and I lost control of the vehicle. As my car swerved back and forth, I tried in vain to regain control, and failed. We spun around and around on a busy highway and it wasn't my life that flashed before my eyes, but my baby's. It happened so fast, but as the car spun 360, and 360 again, I prayed that when we got hit, it would be on my side, and not the side that Cameron was on. And I was so, so, sad for Max, and for Scott. And then the car stopped, faced in the right direction, and I was able to pull it over to the side of the road.

Cameron was screaming, and I sat there, unable to move, numb. I saw a car pull off the road in front of me, and a man got out, looking concerned, rushing towards me. I managed to roll down the window as he leaned over, asking me if I was okay. He looked in the back and saw Cameron's car seat, heard her screaming. He said "I'm going to check on your baby, make sure she is okay," and I nodded, unable to speak. He walked around the car and checked Cameron, smiled at her, and reported back that she was "mad" but okay. His name was Joe, and he wrote his phone number down on my box of Tylenol. I need to call him to thank him, and let him know we're okay. He stayed with us until the police arrived. An unlikely angel, but my angel.

A lot of folks give police officers are hard time. One of my best friends is a police officer, so I tend to view them in a positive light. This officer was kind, and supportive, took care of me and Cameron, lifted her out of the car and carried her to the tow truck, steadied me as I got out of the car, shaking so badly that I could barely walk. The tow truck driver was a true gentleman, giving me privacy in the cab of the truck so I could feed Cameron, soothe her out of her hysterics.

Cameron and I, while shaken up, are fine, and that is what truly matters. She was very clingy today, and I was out of it for sure. Max and Scott are just happy to have us home, in one piece. We must have had an angel looking over us yesterday. We spun out twice, but nobody hit us. We hit the median, but that's it. The front of the car is chewed up, but can be fixed. We were left whole, and for that, I am truly thankful.


  1. Wow. Kat, just wow. Thanking the universe that you are both all right.


  2. You and me both. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. WOW. Crazy stuff. I'm so glad that you guys are ok!

    LOVE your new header, btw!

  4. Thank you and thank you :-) New header is care of my friend Chris Mendoza at designmojo.net - he is super talented, eh?

  5. Kat ! Oh, how scary and awful..I am SO glad you guys are okay. I will take that as a reminder and wake up call to be thankful for health and happiness of my family tonight. Even if they drive me crazy sometimes ! SO thankful you and Cameron are home safe.

  6. Love you all, sweetie. Peace. xo

  7. Anonymous12:44 a.m.

    That's so awful, I can hardly believe it. Seriously I am so thankful you're both ok and were able to walk (or crawl ;) away with nary a scratch ... thank goodness.

    Take a deep breath, get on with things, with your new-found perspective.

    Lots of people love you and are very thankful all's well that ends well.

  8. Anonymous9:31 a.m.

    Really glad that it wasn't more serious! I had tears in my eyes reading your post. It's too bad that it takes events like this to put things in perspective.