Monday, March 02, 2009

Cameron Elizabeth: 10 months old.

My dearest baby Cameron,

Damn, girl, where have the past 10 months gone? It seems to me that they have flown by, or maybe I am just sleep deprived. Sleep. We need to talk about this. You still aren't anywhere close to sleeping through the night, and I'm going back to work in 2 months. Time to get your act together kiddo. I know, booby is fine dining and when it is so close, who can resist? I'm here to tell you, resist! Sleep, please. It really is a magical thing, I am a big fan, from what I recall.

Cameron, you are my little "pickle" (all 19 pounds of you). Your smile could light up the GTA in the next great power outage. You are working on your fourth tooth (top right) and it is bothering you something fierce. Right now your grin is a little lopsided, but I predict that tooth will show its sharp little self to the world by the end of the week. When you smile, your whole face smiles. You make your dad crack up, and you can even make me laugh (and I'm a tough crowd).

You are also very, very loud. When you get going with your "GAH GAH GAH" you can drown out the television set. Many a Saturday date night movie has been paused as you tell us great tales of woe and hardship, competing with whatever DVD it is we have rented for the night. Your brother gets a little upset when you tell the world of your problems, and he also chimes in. Quite a symphony, really.

It seems that your favourite food of the moment (besides booby), is Cheerios. I do believe that you would live on booby and Cheerios if you had your way. You also like to bite me to let me know that you are done with the booby, and throw your Cheerios to signal completion of your meal. These are both what I like to call "Career Limiting Moves". Seriously, the whole biting thing? Not cool. And the throwing of the Cheerios, while it does provide you with a convenient "floor snack" later on in the day, is not appreciated by the one person in this house who cleans the floors (that would be me).

You are extremely interested in this walking thing, which I am not very happy about. Mobility is overrated. Now that crawling has been mastered, and you race after your big brother (much to his chagrin), you seem hell bent on getting around upright. I am guessing you will be walking by your birthday (but don't feel the need to rush).

Little girl, you are a fantastic communicator. When you like something, you hold your hands together and look at me gleefully. When you don't like something, ain't a soul in the world that isn't 100% aware on where you stand on the matter. When you want booby, you dive bomb my chest, and when you want to play, you grab my mouth and stick your fingers up my nose (turns out, this is also an effective way to wake Mom up in the morning).

You love taking baths, and now that you insist on getting very messy at mealtime and decorating your curls with assorted fruits and vegetables, you get a bath almost every day. When you are in the bath, you like to chomp on your rubber ducky and splash mommy. You don't like getting dressed though - unfortunately for you, it is winter and I cannot allow you to barrel roll through the house in your birthday suit (as much as I'm sure you would like to). This seems to be a running theme in our house lately (your brother whipped all his clothes off yesterday as well).

While we never doubted that you would be a sassy little girl, you are also one smart little cookie. When I say "clap" you clap your hands. You are very interested in the world around you and love to be taken new places (you got to go out for brunch with mommy on Saturday and to a birthday party on Sunday). But no matter where we go, you are always looking for mommy, making sure that I am near. It's nice to be your #1 choice, Cam. I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

I love squeezing your baby chubs, stroking your cheek when you breastfeed, and cuddling with you in the morning before you wake up. When you fall asleep, and I carry you up to your bed, I swear you are my little angel. I am trying to soak up every day because time is moving too fast. In the not too distant future you will be spending your days with daycare teachers and other little babies just like yourself (though they won't be as cute as you). It will be good for both of us, but hard too. Until then, let's treasure our last few months of mommy-Cam time. And let's get some sleep while we're at it.



  1. Those are some sweet memories and photos!

    Please do tell me what kind of bathtub you are using, that looks like what we need now that my little guy is wanting to sit up in the bath! We've just been plunking him in the big bathtub, but it isn't working so well!

    Send me a note: circleoflifeblog -at- gmail -dot- com

  2. MTM - it is this one:

    minus the spray thingy which never really worked.

  3. Anonymous4:39 p.m.

    I'm just starting my maternity leave (2nd time around), and you've reminded me how much I should treasure each day - no matter how exhausting it might seem.

    Thanks for the great post - your daughter is ADORABLE.