Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blame Game.

When it comes to your kids, it's easy to take credit for the good stuff. For example, there is no denying that my son Max takes after me in the looks department. As you can see from this photo of me as a child next to a photo of him, we share the same pale skin, eyes, nose, chin, and smile. My husband Scott and I joke that he is such a physically robust child, he is our wee viking, a clear descendent from the Danish side of my family. He also has a stubborn streak a mile wide, which both my husband and I can take credit for, as Max embodies everything Taurus, just like us. But the Autism, where the hell did that come from? In the past I have joked that my son looks like me on the outside and Scott on the inside. Kind of mean spirited in retrospect, but my husband has a thick skin and (hopefully) knew I was kidding, sort of.

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  1. You and your son look like twins! he's absolutely adorable! look at his little smile naww *^_^*

  2. You went to Unionville High School?? Like the one in Markham?

  3. @ Camera Girl - I agree we look a lot alike...the blonde hair adds to it.

    @ Tania - Yep, for grade 9 & 10. Then I moved out to BC.

  4. Anonymous10:16 p.m.

    Adorable kids, adorable parents.