Monday, March 16, 2009

America's Next Top Model: Skinny Girls Have Feelings Too.

My post from last week generated some controversy. Apparently it is hurtful to enjoy the tears of skinny girls crying. Even if they are silly, attention-seeking, half-wits who are asking for it by auditioning for a show that judges solely on appearance. Ahem. To be clear, I am directing my "joy in tears" at these specific girls, not at all skinny girls. It isn't like I'm making a point of visiting eating disorder clinics on my lunch hour so I can walk the halls in hysterics, pointing and laughing as 75 pound women jam their fingers down their throat because they just can't be skinny enough. Awh see, now I'm feeling bad for ever saying anything in the first place. And this is supposed to be fun damn it, it is America's Next Top Model, after all.

I have one last point I'd like to make before I get on with my post. I understand that I will never in my life know what it is like to be so skinny that I am actually trying to gain weight. I get that for people who struggle at the other end of the scale, losing weight is as discouraging as it is for me to gain weight. But. But these skinny people aren't judged by society the same way overweight people are. They will never know the humility of trying to find jeans that fit at the Gap and realizing they don't carry your size because you are too damn fat. Or having people tell you that you are fat because you are lazy and have no will power. Nobody has ever asked you how many months pregnant you are, when you aren't pregnant at all. And most certainly, nobody has ever suggested that you shouldn't be eating something or ask "haven't you had enough?" when you order dessert.

On that note, my goodness, these skinny girls don't like getting their hair lopped off at all. "Freckly-Faced-Fo" fell victim to the shears this week and she about lost her damn mind, poor thing. I hope she comes to accept her new hair as it really does give her an edgier/fashion look. "Freaky-Eyed-Allison" had her hair dyed platinum and it makes her look even weirder, dog bless her, and they didn't do anything to Natalie, which I thought was strange. She was happy about it, but I think they could have at least trimmed up the girl's ends or something?

This week's photo shoot was an interesting concept where the girls had to light themselves. I can see how this would be really hard to do and I'm not surprised that so many of the pictures fell short. "ET-Teyona" won the day by highlighting her windblown features, though I thought Celia's picture was just as good. In the end, Jessica went home, which wasn't a shocker. She was pretty, but there wasn't anything about her that made her stand out.


  1. funny - as a kinda skinny gal, I didn't take offence at all....I totally got that you were taking a jab at this ridiculous show and thought it was funny.

  2. Anonymous2:35 p.m.

    SUCH a good point re: how overweight people are judged vs. skinny people. Really hit close to home, so thank you.:-)


  3. Anonymous7:34 p.m.

    I totally agree with Julie's view of your perspective! You were taking on the show itself, not individual women of whatever weight. Good points.


  4. Just for the record, wanted to make it clear I understood (as I wrote in the initial comment) that you were talking about these specific skinny ANTM girls. Girls who are obviously ripe for mocking, and I find pretty hilarious.

  5. I know ;-P - I'm just stirring the pot.

  6. Great post, Kat. And y'know, I've been in Bluenotes twice recently to find jeans and they have nothing big enough for me, and I've got a six pack underneath my abdomen hair. Please don't tell me every dude wears jeans with 30 and 32 inch waists!