Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 4 (and sick as a dog).

This is my Jann Arden pose. Do you liked it? If you don't get it then you have never been blessed with a round face and tried to take a self-portrait without looking like you have a double chin. The only way to truly be successful is to get an aerial view, or do a close up and make it all artistic and blurry. Or you can hold your face, or just obstruct it altogether. Hey, whatever works, eh? But I digress.

I have been sick as a dog this week. I think Julie over at Mabel's Labels gave me this virus via email. She'll deny it up and down, but how else could I have gotten it (besides my own two germy kids, I mean). You'd think that with all the coughing I've been doing, and laughing at skinny girls crying, I'd have burned a bunch of calories and therefore dropped the pounds, but sadly, it isn't so. I only lost a half a pound this week, and I am hovering at 170.1 lbs. Seems like the 160's are just teasing me - so near yet so far. I think I'll go get a haircut and see if that puts me over the edge. Is that cheating? Also, these breasts of mine, milky goodness and all, likely weigh about 5 pounds each. Can I deduct ten pounds from my total weight or is that cheating too?


  1. Anonymous3:01 p.m.

    You can do anything you want, sweetie. Just feel better soon.


  2. I love your blog. I'm also on the journey to weight loss. I just started and I'm down 3 lbs. in the first week. Just like you, I post about my day to day struggle with losing weight. Please check out my blog.

  3. Anonymous9:46 a.m.

    LOL - the Jann Arden pose! Love your blog - you will get into the groove of things soon when you're better.:-)

    Keep up with the great writing.


  4. Anonymous1:35 p.m.

    Excuses excuses.

    Its understandable that you're run down and not feeling the best given all that you have going on (max, cam ect) however, there is never an excuse for not taking care of yourself.

    There is ALWAYS time in the day to eat healthy. ALWAYS. Weight loss starts with diet. And diet is about choices. If you start y our day making the wrong diet choices then you will continue your day along that path because "hey I've already had a crap breakfast why start with a healthy lunch".
    If you don't have the time to exercise then at the very least eat healthy.

    Keep in mind that your immune system will also get stronger the better you eat and the more you exercise so perhaps you wouldn't get sick all the time if you took better care of yourself.

    Take time for YOU. Its hard to do I'm sure because the kids are your first priority but at the end of the day if you aren't healthy enough to do the things you want with them then you're hurting them.

    Best of luck. I am really pulling for you. I know you can do it...all it takes to start is to change a couple of your daily decisions and before you know it you will be into a routine that you won't want to break!

  5. Yep, excuses.

    Can you come over and make me a healthy breakfast while I take care of my 10 month old baby and autistic toddler? Or, even better, maybe you could get up with my autistic toddler in the middle of the night when he is up screaming for an hour, and make sure he doesn't hurt himself and doesn't wake the baby up? Then, in the morning, get up on no sleep, and make me a priorty.

    That would be awesome.

    It's really easy to lecture someone from the safety of your computer. I'm just being candid about my challenges. Keep that in mind when you post your "supportive" comments.

  6. Anonymous2:58 p.m.

    Hmmmm..... this new age 'put yourself first' crap doesn't acknowledge the realities faced by most mothers of young children. Perhaps this anonymous poster has financial resources that most young families lack. The extras in this household are eaten up by a child with special needs. This Kat is pretty darn strong and beautiful. Let's get behind her and stop the uniformed lecturing. It is not helpful.

  7. Anonymous3:59 p.m.

    Er, as a mom of a newborn baby and a toddler, I can attest to the fact that it's a *good* freaking day if you can get out of the house with a shower and clean clothes, let alone have something decent to eat. It is NOT easy to spend time on food preparation for yourself, especially when you're constantly putting family first.

    In Kat's case, she is dealing with the equivalent of 6 children (maybe more?!) with a small baby and an autistic toddler. The fact that she's even thinking about weight loss is pretty darn incredible.

    Do your best, Kat - we're all behind you!


  8. Anonymous11:15 a.m.

    You are a phenomenal lady :) Love the pose and love the weight loss blog posts.

    You put a smile on a lot of people's faces so keep doing what you do hun and leave the haters to themselves :)