Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Essay: Walk Now For Autism 2010.

This year's Walk Now For Autism fell on Father's Day, so I wasn't sure what the turnout would be like, but I knew at the very least, the Carefoot Crew would be there and that's enough for me. We got up early just like last year, loaded strollers and t-shirts and kids into the cars (Nana & Bumpa caravanned with us) and hit the road. I got my requisite picture of Scott driving into Toronto:Max was a little confused as to why he got hustled out the door so early on a weekend (I don't blame him). No pic of Cam as she was riding with Nana and Bumpa):
And to prove I was there, I snapped a self-portrait too:
Max did not like the underground parking and he got a little upset about it. We never know on any given day what he will be able to handle - some days he is non-plussed about stuff like that and other days it sets him off. Scott got him into a stroller (which didn't last long) and he seemed to calm down:
We got Cam's stroller loaded up and I caught her giving me a toothy grin:
Our meeting spot was the Timothy's Coffee shop at Queen & Bay. While we waited for Team Maxwell to assemble we had some breakfast. Here you see Cam and Bumpa discussing her chocolate chip muffin:
My friend Athena (who I've known since grade 1!) brought her whole crew to walk. They walked with us last year, and it was amazing to find out they consider this a yearly ritual and plan on joining us next year as well! I'm glad her husband (also named Cameron) didn't mind sharing his Father's Day with us:
The walk started at Nathan Phillips Square (a great place for events like this):
It was hot and bright and busy. Cam wasn't too sure what she thought of the whole thing, but she liked being part of it:
It was amazing to see so many people out to support the cause. I even bumped into my friend Candy who I haven't seen since our wedding! She got to meet Max while he was having a meltdown, but hey, it isn't like anyone who is walking for Autism hasn't seen that type of behaviour before:
Max found the whole scene completely overwhelming. I wasn't sure if he was even going to be able to participate in the walk. Lucky for us, Bumpa (aka "the Max whisperer") was there, and Max clung to his hand like he was a safety vest in a choppy ocean. I supposefor Max, that's exactly what his Bumpa was in this sea of chaos:
Max stuck with Bumpa the entire way.
Here's Athena and her kids, with the rest of Team Maxwell trailing behind:
Nana pushed Cam's stroller - she wasn't quite ready to hike 5km this year:
Around the half way point (when we tried to turn around), Max had had enough and he had a huge meltdown. Scott and Bumpa were kind enough to take him home:
The walk was so busy that we got separated from the rest of Team Maxwell (my public school friend Shannon and her crew). Here you see us reunited (as a result of mad texting - where u @? I don't c u!! w8t 4 us @TH!):
A definite highlight was bumping into my blog/facebook friend Bariah who writes Stranded in Motherhood. This was our first face-to-face meeting!:
The sign has been updated since last year's walk. Heartbreaking:
Ole looks a bit lost in thought. I wonder if he was as overwhelmed as I was by all of the people affected by Autism:
When we completed the walk we were greeted with bubbles. Cam thought that was pretty cool:
We got separated again! But here is a partial pic of Team Maxwell with Shannon and her crew, Ole, Nana, my oldest friend Elizabeth, Cam and me (I'm surprised my pants stayed up with my pockets so loaded up!). We are standing in front of the Grand Club banner because we raised so much money (over $4000):
This is my favourite pic of the day - Shannon, Athena, myself and Elizabeth. It is wonderful to have the support of friends who have known me since I was a child. Amazing:
Once we got home we unwound, had some lunch, naps, watched some world cup soccer, and then headed over to Nana and Bumpa's for a swim. Max and Cam are natural water babies. If they had their way we would have stayed in the pool until dark!
Thank you for everyone who supported Team Maxwell. Whether you joined us on the walk, donated, or sent us your good wishes, we appreciate all of it more than you can imagine. T-shirts will be in the mail in the next week! Mabel's Labels draw will occur in the next few days. And of course, if you still wish to donate, that would be awesome!


  1. sweet. Thanks for the mention and I am glad we finally got to see each other and that Max got to enjoy some of his day too!

  2. Looks like you all had a full day. Those stats are scary! Sorry I could not be there. Happy to see all those smiles. When will we catch up next?