Monday, June 14, 2010

Mabel Loves Max.

Okay folks, we're updating the ante for fundraising efforts for the Walk For Autism this Sunday (6 days to go!!). Mabel has thrown her hat in the ring and has donated a camp/school pack for us to raffle off. Here's the deal - if you sponsor Team Maxwell you will automatically be entered to win! And don't be saying "I don't have kids so I don't need it either" because everyone needs labels. Even Scott has labels (with soccer balls).Yesterday I had someone tell me that I should cool it on my fundraising efforts, that hitting my goal of $5000 for Team Maxwell was more about my ego than about raising money for Autism research, and that $100 here or there wasn't going to find a cure for Autism. Just so we're all clear, that is complete bullshit. It isn't about my ego, and it does matter. We should all care. We should all turn our pockets inside out for this cause. I don't say that because this is "my" cause. I say that because Autism is the biggest and fastest growing health crisis facing our children today.It's easy to look the other way if you don't have a child with Autism, or if you aren't close to someone with a child with Autism. On the outside, Max looks like a regular kid. If he's having a "good" day you might just think he's a quiet child who has some strange habits and doesn't really interact with other kids. But if he's having a hard day, then there is no doubt that he has huge needs. There is no doubt that we need to do more to support children with Autism, and their families, that we need to figure out what is causing Autism and how to best treat it. I implore you not to look the other way and shrug off Autism. You many not be affected by Autism currently, but one day you will be, the numbers guarantee it. 1 in 70 boys is now being diagnosed with Autism. That is mind blowing and terrifying. On a lighter note, if you donate, I'll give you a big hug and so will Max! Maybe I should have started with that!! Max and I give great hugs!


  1. Anonymous5:58 p.m.

    You two give terrific hugs!Priceless,but totally worth a sizable donation!


  2. Vanessa11:24 a.m.

    I'd pay for hugs! Count me in :)

  3. Awh thanks ladies!

  4. ummm, why would trying to raise money for a cause that affects your family and so many others be about your ego? I'd say it's about drive, determination and commitment - and good for you to push others to the task. It is so easy to get lazy in our lives when challenges are not right in front of us. Kudos to you for aiming high.

  5. Oh ... I will book an appt. for my hug soon!