Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not a Gardener.

I am not a gardener, not by any stretch. The only plants I've ever been successful at keeping alive are hanging baskets. I even water them on hot days. But this summer, something has changed. My mom told me it would happen - that one day I would have the time and energy to garden. Little did I know it would be because all my kids want to do is play outside. All the time. I figure if I'm going to be outside, I might as well get something done.

My biggest gripe with the backyard is that the previous owners planted way too many bushes. My project this summer is to get a handle on it. Much to my mother-in-law's chagrin, I am ruthlessly cutting down anything I don't like the look of.
There are some plants that I like. This bush with red leaves is pretty, so it can stay. I put down some dark cedar mulch at its base to keep the weeds down.
There have been some interesting discoveries. When I cleared out all of the weeds and overgrown bushes, I figured out that these remaining bushes are half dead. Fine by me, I'll cut them down if they don't shape up.
You may recall that we are cursed by a massive poplar tree in our neighbour's yard. Every year it drops nasty fluff all over our backyard for the entire month of June. In the Fall, we rake and rake and rake some more, only to find even more leaves blanketing our backyard the next day. This year seems to be especially bad - my allergies are going haywire, causing my eyes to swell shut. Last week, Cameron pointed at the tree and said "tree is pooping!". I looked at her and replied, "Yep, it sure is".
This tree is cramping my gardening style. I want to finish my hack and slash project, catch up on the weeding, and top everything up with some more dark cedar mulch. I can't do that until it stops snowing though.In addition, there are some curious things about our backyard. Like these bushes...I'm convinced that whoever planted them put a blindfold on and dug random holes in the backyard and dropped them in the ground.
Stay tuned - there will be more pictures. I'm finding spending time working on my garden is good for my head. It's physical, I don't think too much about the things that stress me out, and when I'm done I can step back and enjoy the results of labour. And man, if that tree ever gets taken down, the possibilities are endless. Hey, I can dream!

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  1. I have become completely addicted to working on my garden. Luckily it had some structure already set out because I could not afford to do it all. My favourite part now is watching the vegetables grow. We have eaten some amazing lettuce. The tomatoes and zucchini are growing and the herbs are huge. Makes me smile every day just to spend some time there.