Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Family.

My brother David, his lovely wife Haschmo, and my nephew Zevi are in Toronto this weekend, and as you can see, Cameron was very excited to see them:She even let me take a picture with her Uncle David (action shot): Zevi wasted no time at all and quickly planted himself in the sandbox. He filled my watering can with sand. Super helpful:Cam really liked playing with Zevi, as he's a lot nicer to her than Max is (her bro is going through a bit of a meany stage lately):Max stuck to the sidelines, but definitely enjoyed the fact that everyone was outside:I tried to talk the kids into helping me with my big summer gardening project, but nothing doing, so I had to repot these flower baskets all by myself!: This would have been the perfect shot if only Cam would have looked at the camera...she seems to have discovered that not cooperating with my picture taking efforts is a lot of fun:
Max started scooting around the backyard on his butt (itchy I guess?) so I got him to play an oldy by goody, "duck duck goose". Worked like a charm and I got one of my best photos of the day as a result:Max and I are flying solo tonight as Scott and Cam have headed over to Nana & Bumpa's for a night off from the crazy house. Tomorrow - more family - A LOT MORE family. Oy.


  1. I love having friends like you over to our place because I never have to worry that our place is a little crazy. You know exactly what it's like! Cam looks like a little model. Adorable! Have fun with the awesome Max tonight!!

  2. Aunt Inger4:30 a.m.

    Wow, I think this is one of the first photos I've seen of Cameron without her Binky in her mouth. She has a beautiful and dervis smile going on! Max - when he comes out of his lonely world, has the smile of an angel. Looks like a good family visit!

  3. Does Max like to stim off fence lines too?