Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo Essay: Cam's 1st Restaurant Experience.

As part of Familypalooza 2010, Grandma and Grandad hit town for a long weekend to see their grand kids (I think Scott and I are merely part of the deal at this point - we all know who are the favs here). On Saturday, while Max was in IBI therapy, Grandma, Grandad, Cam and I headed out to Chapters to do a little book shopping. Cam did her very best "little old lady in Florida" impression: Cam quickly discovered that Chapters not only sells books, but they also sell dolls! In this photo she is strategizing how to get Grandma to buy her ALL of the dollies in the store:She settled on the one with bright pink hair (to match my fleece zip-up top seen here). We had worked up an appetite with all that shopping so we decided it was time for lunch:The closest restaurant was Milestones which has been hit and miss in the past. In fairness, they do a pretty decent job on lunch (not so busy, good menu). Cam suddenly realized that Grandma was taking all sorts of pictures of her and she shook her finger, as if to say, "Grandma! No pictures at the table! It's rude, and I'm trying to colour!":
Grandma reminded Cam that she had just bought her a new dolly, (which we named "Miss Pink" a la Reservoir Dogs) and that she would take as many pictures as her heart desired. Fair enough:
When Cam's lunch came, she tried a french fry, but it had no ketchup. Bleh. Nothin' doin':
As you can see from Cam's face, the ketchup issue was quickly rectified, and Miss Pink got in on the lunch time action, which Cam thought was pretty silly:
Miss Pink got thirsty, so she had a sample of Cam's milk. Cam was kind of over it at this point:
This was my first experience eating in a restaurant with one of my kids since we took Max to Key West when he was just under 1 year old. Cam is a restaurant superstar, and I really enjoyed doing this with her and Grandma and Grandad. Next time I'll remember to bring her a bottle though, because around the time we were wrapping things up (and her nap time), she grew another head and they started spinning around in opposite directions. Kidding, but she did get a bit cranky, so we took a little walk while Grandma and Grandad got the cheque. Aces-Ten kiddo, Aces-Ten.

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