Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Journey.

I was speaking with blueballoon's Director of Behaviour Therapy tonight, about Max, Autism, the journey, my frustrations. I have been feeling really anxious about Max lately. Wanting answers. To know where we are going. What's the plan? What about junior kindergarten? Is Max getting everything he needs? Are we doing absolutely everything we can for him? How does he stack up next to other kids in IBI programs? Is he having enough progress? Not enough? How does he measure up to the supposed benchmarks that are used to determine who gets funding and for how long? Yeah, I must be a real treat to deal with right now, don't I know it.

I was reminded that when Max started in January, his goals were very basic. He was unable to transition from the waiting room to the treatment room without having a meltdown. It took him a long time to bond with new therapists. He wasn't able to imitate or sit at a table to do work. And now, as frustrating and challenging as his behaviour can be at times, he transitions without a problem. He says "hi" and "bye" to everyone. He looks you in the eye. He is beginning to use language functionally. He is starting to tolerate his little sister. He can follow a visual schedule, sit at a table for 45 minutes of therapy, blow bubbles, and he no longer throws tantrums because he feels that nobody understands him. He is potty trained (for the most part), can walk down the sidewalk without bolting into the street, and most importantly, he is happy.

It's easy to lose the forest from the trees in this journey. I'm thankful I have such a great team supporting Max (and me).


  1. This is some of the best stuff to read. Good for you guys!

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