Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Max Update: My Home Depot Buddy!

First we conquered the grocery store. Next on my list of places I like to go (a lot) was Home Depot. We all know that Home Depot can be a busy place, so I decided to make our inaugural visit on a weekday morning, bright and early. Turns out the only people at Home Depot at this time are contractors, so we pretty much had the store to ourselves. Being the super geeky mom that I am, I decided to shoot a video of our trip for all the world to see. Thank dog it went well, or I would have had egg on my face. Actually, I just wouldn't have posted it (wink).

What I found really interesting about this experience, is that upon entering the store (an overwhelming wide open space) Max immediately figured out how to self-regulate by squishing himself into the cart. He has been finding ways to self-regulate more and more, often by placing pillows or blankets on his legs (the deep pressure is soothing). This is a really important step for Max as it means he is finding ways to cope with his world on his own. Yay Max!


  1. That door knob was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

    I loved the smile on his face when he was outside!

  2. oh wow, I didnt realize Khaled was watching - he just went "car seat! car seat" to want to watch this video again. Khaled knows Max now from the videos of him we watch together. Cool. I love it when he finds his own words to request for things- it means he reeeeeeeeeeally wants it.

  3. We should get the boys together for a playdate! That would make a great video :-)

  4. Anonymous7:13 p.m.

    Was that smile for the mention of Tim Horton's? I think so!