Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream.

Max and I went on a walk this morning to the local plaza to buy bread. As we started on our way home, I saw a new store called Cupid's Gourmet Cupcakes. There was a woman inside, putting out fresh cupcakes in the display case. I remember meeting this woman when she was selling her tasty cupcakes out of the local gourmet shop in the same plaza this past fall. Seeing her in her own shop, it made me really happy for her. She found something that she's good at, that she loves to do, and she's making her dream a reality. Isn't that we are all striving for?

As I walked home, hand in hand with Max, I started to ask myself "what do you really want to do?" and just as important "what are you doing to move towards that goal?". The answer to the first question came easily. I want to write. The answer to the second question is harder. How do I make a living at writing? I write every day for free, basically to entertain my friends. But how do I get enough paid work on a consistent basis that my job could actually be writing. To be determined, I guess. But it's something I want to keep working towards for sure. Until then, maybe I can pick up a few shifts a week baking cupcakes...

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