Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 2: From Bed-ruin to Bedroom.

My bedroom is a mess and I hate it. At least, it was and I did. After chipping away at the clutter all week (despite being super sick) I have managed to take back our bedroom and return it to its previous Love Den glory. Or, at least, I hope I have (wink). Try not to judge me too harshly as you look at the before pictures. We don't spend much time in our bedroom except to get dressed and sleep, and this room definitely fell victim to our crazy-constantly-on-the-run lifestyle. I'm hoping a clean slate will help us stay motivated to keep it nice and organized moving forward.

The Dresser Before:
Yes, we have fallen prey to the unused exercise equipment that has been converted into "that thing we put crap on". My favourite part of this picture is not the cluttered dresser, but the luggage sitting in the corner, begging to be used. The garbage bag is actually filled with clothes that need to be donated. The steamer? I can't remember the last time it was used.

The Dresser After:
While the wires to the tv still need to be tucked away, and there are still a few boxes between the dressers, this is much better. In a perfect world I'd get rid of that tall dresser altogether. The laundry basket? Well, it has to live somewhere, right?
The Entryway Before:
There is really no excuse for this. Yeah, that's Christmas wrap (and yeah, it's mid-February). The boxes are leftover shipping boxes from gifts that got delivered to the house. Laptop bag, CD binders, and big box of CDs from my big iTunes import project. What can I say? Things tend to stay where they are left...

The Entryway After:
Not much to say here. I cleaned up all the crap. Makes it a lot easier to get into the bedroom.
The Bed Before:
This isn't actually that bad. The bedside tables are piled high with books, which is typical for us. What you can't see is that they are very dusty and need a good wipe down. The decorative pillows are piled in the corner, because, who are we kidding? Nobody actually sleeps with those on the bed.
The Bed After:
I couldn't resist putting a red blanket on the bed for Valentine's Day. Much sexier than the quilt. Bedside tables are cleared of books (this will last until we go to bed tonight and need a place to rest our books).The first thing Scott asked me when he saw the bedroom in its new form was "What am I supposed to do with my clothes?". I suggested that if they required washing, they should be put in the laundry basket, and if they were still clean, they should be hung up in the closet. We'll see how long that lasts.


  1. Can you please come unclutter my house??? In all reality, I wish my after pics looked as good as your before ones!!!

  2. Amazing! Looks so much more serene. I hope the clean up got you some action! :)