Thursday, February 04, 2010

Countdown to Super Bowl XLIV.

If you live in Indianapolis or New Orleans, Sunday will either be the best day of the year for you, or it will turn you into one of those bitter sports fans who falls asleep thinking "if only..." for years to come. For the rest of us, Super Bowl will be about the food. Going on record, I am rooting for the Saints, because they are the ones who knocked that pain-in-the-ass-needs-to-retire-already-can't-spell-his-name Brett Favre out of the playoffs. And that is by no means meant to insult Vikings fans. I have nothing against your team. I wish you well, I wish you bluebirds, I wish you love, just not with Favre as your QB.

For the past five or so years, we have watch Super Bowl with our friends Shane & Stephanie. Make that Shane, Stephanie, Charlotte and Ronan. Man we're a bunch of breeders (where did all these ankle biters come from?)! And how did a simple gathering of four adults double in only four short years? Thank goodness the NFL has hired such family friendly acts like The Who for the halftime show. I would be quite upset if my children (both of whom were breastfed) were exposed to another nipple.

Menu planning has been in full swing for a few weeks now. Do we make the same chili as we did last year? Or perhaps try something new like pulled pork sandwiches? How about that killer guacamole? But for that we need tomatillos and I have no clue where to find those. We'll need a veggie tray for Max, other kid friendly snacks for Cam and Charlotte, assorted beverages for the adults, and some gluten free stuff for Stephanie. Damn - how I long for the days when a 2-4 of beer and a frozen pizza would have sufficed.


  1. Have no fear, I'll be flashing my nips during Superbowl. Such is the life of a breastfeeding mama ;)

    I'll give you a call tomorrow morning and we can figure out what we can bring.

  2. Stephanie - I look forward to your bodacious ta-tas!

    Can you bring your incredible hummus??