Friday, February 05, 2010

Baby Got Mac.

I want a macbook. And I want to shed some pounds. I want these things equally. The only way I can reconcile this is by merging these two desires. So, I need to save money for a macbook, and I need to eat less and exercise to lose weight. The cheapest macbook is $1100, let's say $1250 all-in, give or take, when you add in the tax.

I have no extra money. What I do have is extra pounds. So, I figure if I cut down on some of my edible indulgences, which let's face it, ain't helping me towards my weight loss goal, and put $5 per workout into my mac-savings-account (the envelope in my underwear drawer), I'll be a) super motivated to work out and b) eventually save enough money for a macbook. This week I worked out 4 times. Yay! $20 saved towards my macbook. Hmmm...this might take a while. How about if I add another $5 for the weeks I lose weight (I won't deduct money if I don't lose, because that's a super downer and completely cruel). For weeks I really kill it in the gym (go 7 for 7) I could save as much as $40!!

Realistically, I'll work out 4 times a week. I won't need to lose weight forever, but once I hit my goal weight, I'll reward myself that $5 for maintaining (yeah, I know, a bit of a scam...). So, at $25 per week, I should have my macbook in time for...2011. Boo. Ah well, maybe they'll go on sale for Christmas 2010 and I'll be able to get it early?!

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  1. Thinking I should also have a tip jar for kitchen dancing...I might get there a bit sooner.