Tuesday, February 09, 2010

TMI Tuesday: From Bed-ruin to Boudoir in 1 Week.

With Valentine's Day under a week away, I am willing to bet that plans for romantic evenings abound. Those who dig the holiday are excited about their loved ones being forced into buying cheesy cards, overpriced flowers, and chocolate that your derriere probably doesn't need. I actually have no problem with Valentine's Day (or flowers or chocolate). I just wish that instead of spending a tonne of money on it, people would write their own poem (or love song!), buy an oregano plant , bake a cake, or get busy to express how they feel.

I have figured out a way that will truly express my love: I am going to give our bedroom a makeover and transform it from its current bed-ruin state into a boudoir that will make my intentions for Valentine's Day crystal clear. The bonus, this will cost me no money!

We have a big bedroom. We have way too much stuff in our bedroom, making it cluttered and tough to find things when you need them. And yes, we have a tv in our bedroom (apparently this is a sexlife killer). I think kids are the real sex life killers and you should all leave my tv out of it. The tv stays. The bike gathering dust in the corner? It's a goner.

In order to clean up our bedroom so that I can turn it into The Love Den, I figured the first thing I needed to do was make room in the closets. The only way to do this was to get rid of some clothes. After it was all said and done, I turfed 5 garbage bags worth. Jennifer was my main motivation for this. Not only did her kitchen makeover inspire me, but we also had a lengthy discussion about clothes. Why do I keep clothes I haven't worn in years? Clothes that don't fit? Clothes that aren't flattering? Clothes with stains? Tears? Aren't in style anymore? The biggest offender - clothes that don't make me feel like a million bucks. And don't even start about the shoes...

I found this mass purge fulfilling. I tossed the "goal" jeans that I have been saving in hopes of shimmying my way back into them. Realistically, when I do wiggle a little less, I'm going to reward myself with a new pair of jeans, I'm not going to want to wear my ratty old CKs. I also don't need 15 pairs of pajama pants, old concert tshirts or sweaters with less shape than potato sacks. I am letting a few items that I just couldn't bear to part with audition for a place in my new wardrobe. If I don't wear them by the end of February they will be joining their brethren for donation.

The end result was very pleasing. Now that I have gotten rid of the clothes I don't wear, don't like, and that do nothing for me, I can easily find the garments that make me walk tall (all 5'4 of me). I have kindly suggested to Scott that I would be happy to help him sort through his wardrobe (we'll see if he bites).

Next up? The dresser and night tables (hey! don't look in there...that's private...).

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