Friday, February 04, 2005

Super Bowl Blog #3.

It's just a titty!
Scott and I had a lengthy conversation about Boobiegate after last year's Super Bowl Titty Extravaganza. Up until today, I was under the impression that Miss Janet's nipple was in fact fully covered by a sunshine pasty, and that no nipple was actually shown. With that in mind, I made the argument: No Nipple = No Boob. I even sang the song "No Woman, No Cry" replacing the aforementioned words with "No Nipple, No Boob". I was a believer. I should have done more research. Clearly, CLEARLY, Janet's nipple was fully exposed. I am offended and scandalized. How could America let me down like that? Just kidding. I don't care, I just think it is kind of funny is all. Her boob looks kind of sad like "hey, damn girl, put me back!" And to quote one of my favourite comedians, Chris Rock, "You can't just whip out a 40-year-old titty!". Scott suggested that I shouldn't put a picture of Janet's bared breast up on my blog because it isn't "work safe", but, well, it's my blog, and it's just a breast. Ain't nothing to look at here folks, keep moving. And enjoy, because the Super Bowl entertainment this year is going to family rated, Walt Disney approved fodder for the masses (except for the barely dressed cheerleaders and women kissing women in beer commericials - they're ok!). Eat up America!


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  2. OH.



    Girl, I thought I was the only one who figgered out THIS YEAR that the nipple on the bube was not fully covered.I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the bube wasn't FULLY exposed, but it was.


    And that's one pale bube, may I add. *I* as a sista remain a gorgeous caramel colour through and through, why Janet's titty WHITE?? Is it competing with her brother?

    p.s. I love Chris Rock... even if he got a toof job!!!!

  3. I, for one, shall be boycotting the Superbowl until Janet Jackson's breasts are returned to the halftime show. They are an American institution. Long live apple pie, Chevy's and Janet's mushed tit.

  4. Soli - Lol. I was thinking it was kind of pale, but I didn't want to say anything mean...

    Mike - I am sure that there will be plenty of sizzle added back into the Super Bowl within a year. Ratings, ratings, ratings....

  5. It's amazing that this little wardrobe malfunction could cause such a big ruckus... after all, I didn't even see it, and I was watching the Super Bowl live.

    *sigh* Americans...

  6. Dang, Kat! Check out the stats on you! You're the hit-queen of the day.

  7. That is so funny....looks like my whole blog on JJ's titty got picked up by a site called webpronews. Go figure.

  8. ^ That's cool and kinda freaky that your blog was found and quoted by that guy.

  9. dammit! i wanna be a celeblogrity! LOL

    congrats, kat. book offers up next, i can guarn-damn-tee it. : )