Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Kat hearts ice cream.

I kiss you!
Super Bowl was a blast. Small crowd, but a good crowd. Great food, lots of 'pops' and a few funny commercials. Game, so-so. Half-time show? Dunno, I was busy spinning in John Lennon's grave.

The next big thing: Valentine's Day.
Scott is trying to break me of the habit of wanting (needing) to celebrate our love on a card company specified/sanctioned day of the year. I am doing my best. Really. Though I did get him a card. And I asked him for a very special, personal (and useful!) gift (no, not lingerie). And not chocolate. Flowers would be nice, but that is true on any day. I'm going to keep it a surprise and we'll see if he comes through or not. Note to ice cream lovers everywhere! If you haven't gotten your own personal supply of Baskin Robbin's Love Potion #31 you must run (not walk) to your nearest Baskin Robbin's and buy yourself a tub. It only comes out once a year, and it is THE BEST ice cream EVAH. Scott even agrees, and he hates Valentine's Day. It is described as "raspberry ice cream with white chocoate ice cream swirled together with raspberry puree ribbon and chocolate chunks & heart shaped raspberry filled chocolate cups...yumm x 10 (even though it makes my stomach hurt and makes me somewhat gassey).


  1. VOMIT CITY, 'tis Valentine's Day Phenomenon yet again.
    And I'm glad Scott has proven that you can be in a solid relationship and still hate the blasted day.

    Anyway they JUST opened a Baskin Robbins in a new plaza close to my house. A five minute walk. I will walk (NOT RUN) over there to see what the hype is about. And most likely walk out with Pralines and Cream, because THAT'S THE SHIZNIT.

    two guns up!
    -the jaded, single Solitaire.

  2. Oh ya, and the game wasn't so so. One of the best football games I've seen in a while, c'mon now.

    A lot better than we can say for the Raptors and their lacklustre effort. Maaaan, do ya know football? That was SOME comeback for the Eagles. But in the end, not enough.

    And Alicia was great in the beginning. Loved that fedora. Rock it!