Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Super Bowl Blog #1.

Day 4 of the toilet saga and still no working toilet. I am tired of blogging about toilets, and I am sick, so this will be short. I bring you, Blog #1 of Super Bowl 2005.

Scott and I are having a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Well, party may be stretching it - let's call it a get-together. For me, Super Bowl is mostly about the food, the drinks, and the commercials. I expect the halftime show is going to be some terrible piece of crap as per usual (JJ's titty was the best thing to happen to the halftime in a long time and we won't be seeing any of that this year). I believe Cathy and Alex are confirmed as well as Stephanie and Shane. Some tentatives as well, but they don't have blogs so they aren't worth mentioning.

Anyway, I already have the avocados for the guacamole (I have a killer legit recipe that puts anything you currently make to shame). I will post the recipe...if you ask nicely. Other Super Bowl food staples include wings (2 kinds - sticky and spicy), nachos, chips and dip, pizza, and an assortment of "sweets". Super Bowl is actually a very low maintenance event - which I love. No complexity here, just gotta manage the oven time (keep the food hot and coming). I asked a friend whether a veggie platter was really needed, and after about a second of thought, she said "No, who are you kidding?". So, this will be a vegetable free event (avocados....are they considered to be fruit? They grow on trees....).


  1. I am actually a huge fan of the avocado. Fatty or not. In fact, I have one mellowing in my fruitbowl at this very moment. I am so excited to devour it this evening. I can't even express to you the joy that the avocado brings to my life. I have found that the more pregnant I get, the more my life revolves around food. Can't wait till Sunday!

  2. I refuse to believe that fat from avocados can be bad for is a naturally occurring fat and it is good for your skin, and hair, and tastebuds. So, I'm just going to enjoy them and pretend they are fat free.

  3. Yeah, avocados have the good fats. Monounsaturated.

    Now, go on and enjoy your guacomole.