Monday, February 21, 2005

Step 2: Drink lots of water.

glug glug, glug glug

I drank my full 8 cups of water today. And not an ounce more. I have 2 nalgene bottles that I use. The ones in the picture are Jennifer's (she says you can't have too many - I don't have cool stickers like her). I stuck to only one cup of coffee, one diet coke, and I didn't cheat on my eating plan. Rock on! I am sore as a you know what from yesterday's visit to the gym though. My legs, my abs (they are in there somewhere, I can feel them!). I weighed myself this morning and I would like to lose 14lbs by my 30th birthday, which is in 10 weeks. I think I can do it - I just can't screw around, I have to get to work. I want to feel like a million bucks on my 30th birthday, not like a bag of poo (current state). We are throwing a 30th birthday party for ourselves (Scott's bday is one week before mine). To reward myself for all of my hard work, I have promised myself a kickass outfit for the party (I'm talkin' head to toe, hat to shuz). Scott is being a good sport about the whole thing...I think he knows once I get my mind to something it's pretty much a done deal. He'll probably lose more weight than me (not like he needs to), that's how it always seems to work. I am only going to weigh myself once a week, so I'll post my status every will keep me honest. Also, apparently eating healthy makes me angry...check out my post on Scott's Raptors site.


  1. i too aimed to lose some poundage before my 30th birthday. it is in 4 short weeks!
    i think i must settle for that nice "fat-rearrangement" where you haven't actually LOST any weight but you do look better!
    i have, however, already bought my new birthday outfit!
    details are coming....

  2. It is on April 30th. We are having a party in O-town. Want to come?

  3. Not Ottawa! Oakville!