Saturday, February 12, 2005

They don't pay her enough $$ to open her mouth.

a kiss with the passion of dry rye-toastI love me some O.C. I mean, let's not kid. Pre-coffee, on Thursday morning, I rushed down to our family room, flipped on the TV, and set our Digital Cable box to record the O.C., even though I knew I would likely be home to watch it. I recorded it, in case, in the unlikely event, should ANYTHING, anything?, ANYTHING! stand between me and my show, all would be right with the world. It would all be good, because, it would be recorded.

I gotta tell you, I've been a little let down in the last 2 episodes. I know Fox is saving all of the good, juicy, meaty, stuff for sweeps week, but come on. Last week, you know that whole episode just sucked big doody. And this week, with the weeks of build-up for the whole girl on girl action, I expected something HOTT. But no, in the last scene, we got drunk Marissa and Alex kissing, and Marissa looked so unhappy, like, "Ooo, gross, I gotta kiss on this girl now and act like I'm really into her and curious? They don't pay me enough for this shit". And apparently they don't, because that was some dry-ass-totally-un-hott kiss. She didn't even open her mouth. I don't expect her to stick her tongue in Alex's barf hole or anything, but COME ON. A little saliva never hurt anyone! That was the unsexiest girl on girl kiss I have ever seen.

I meant to mention this earlier....but I went to highschool with the actress who played Jodie (Alex's previous girlfriend). Her name is Emmanuelle Chriqui and she was very nice in highschool - very down to earth, etc. Beautiful like crazy (in an unfair, natural kind of way). I changed highschools 3x in my four year journey through hell, and in my last year of high school, I went to the same high school that both Peter Gallagher (who plays an A-1 douchebag on the O.C.) and Margot Kidder (crazy like a fox...with rabies) went to. So, I guess there is like 0.5 degree of separation between me and the cast of O.C. Scott says I am a loser for even pointing that out. But we all know, he's just jealous (of Peter Gallagher's eyebrows).

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