Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy 30th Birthday Drew.

I have always had a soft spot for Drew Barrymore. Ever since E.T. And I know she had a lot of problems growing up, but she seems to have done alright for herself. She tends to pick not-so-great-guys. But she has some good business sense in that pretty head of hers. I like that she can laugh at herself and is not afraid to look silly and unglamorous. I like that she is not always a rake and that she seems to fight the same 15 pounds I do (it makes her human). Hopefully she'll find the right guy and be happy. That's all you can really wish someone, to be happy. Funny, all the fame and money in the world, and I bet all she really wants is to find her one true love.


  1. Drew sez "screw you for not commenting and wishing me a happy birthday".

  2. I would have commented, if I knew about your blog in February! Drew and are a year apart (she's one year older) and we have the same body type, so I like her!