Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Blog #4.

One of the unfortunate realities of living in what I believe to be the palest (whitest) suburb of Toronto, is that when you are looking for ingredients that are even vaguely "ethnic" you will likely be out of luck. We often joke in our home "Oh, that's spicy, what is that, tomato?". Yesterday we searched and searched and searched some more for tomatillos and fresh coriander. No luck. Not even at Loblaws (the centre of the universe for all screaming children). So unless I want to haul my ass down to the to get these ingredients, there will be no awesome guacamole. There will be a milder, paler version of it, but not what I had hoped for. Such is life. 2 beers into the game, nobody will care. Confirmed are Cathy, Alex, Shane, and Stephanie. Maybes include Jen and Brad. We have rearranged our family room for the event, the new toilet is fully installed and functioning, we have completed the beer run, the munchie run, the booze run. Cleaning will commence soon. We are ready. Go Philly! I always love the underdog.


  1. Kat,

    i dunno where you live, but either visiting chinese grovery stores or places like the danforth food market (locations all over toronto) will have most, if not all of what you're looking for. don't shop bobloblaws; too 'spensive!

    you can always email a girl if you want locations/addresses... good luck!


  2. My friend Lulu is going to get me tomatillos from Kensington Market this weekend. She is THE best.