Saturday, April 11, 2009

To the Park We Go.

Max loves the park. There is lots of wide open space for him to run (and run and run and run), not too many kids, and if he's lucky, you'll chase him when he takes off. That sounded wrong...of course we chase him, we wouldn't just let him run into the road. Anyway, watch the video, you'll see what I mean.

Cameron also had a good time at the park. She wasn't too sure what she thought of the swing, but I think that was because it was a bit too windy out for her liking.

After warming up on the little kid slide, Max decided to give the big kid slide a go. As you can see, he completely kicked that slide's ass. Nice going, Max.

Cameron decided that if Max got to run around, she was going to do her fair share of exploring as well. Some random kid named Jacob decided to chat with me, so I gave him the lowdown on life, technology, and girls, you know.


  1. HAHA watching your husband run after Max is like watching my guys in the park!! Especially when he is trying to get in front of him to block him. Khaled is so good at dodging and changing directions my husband has fallen over many times!!

  2. Amazing how quick these little guys are, eh? They provide a good workout for sure!