Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strikes & Gutters, Ups & Downs.

After a week that kicked the sh!t outta me, I was really looking forward to Saturday Date Night. Before you go thinking we live some glamorous life (that's what you were thinking, right?), where we dress up and go out dancing every Saturday evening, let me dispel that myth right now. "Dispel". Saturday Night Date night typically commences once both kids are in bed (around 8pm if they decide to cooperate), and is comprised of us hanging out, enjoying some beverages, and watching taped episodes of Law & Order. And the rest is none of your business.

I decided that our typical Law & Order fare was too heavy (even with all the "You know what I heard about Dick Wolf?" jokes and mad scrambling to figure out what real life incident the show is based on when that "This show is complete fiction yadayadayada" blurb comes up). Instead, we opted for probably the best movie ever, "The Big Lebowski". As you can see, we got right into the Dude spirit and donned our bathrobes for the event. This movie gets better every time we watch it. Whether it is John Goodman's constant tales of Vietnam or "Shut the fuck up Donny!", or the Dude driving off the road because he dropped a joint in his lap and put it out with his beer, I find myself laughing out loud (a rarity these days) and forgetting for an hour or so, just how full my plate is. Perhaps my new mantra should be "Fuck it, Dude, let's go bowling".


  1. Anonymous1:38 p.m.

    The Fickle Feline abides...

    (imbibes? collides? whatever xo)

  2. you said it sister.

  3. Throw in a few White Russians and it sounds like the perfect date.

  4. Who says there weren't White Russians? lol...