Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank Dog For Monday: Part 2.

Max has been under the weather this past week, and in true Max fashion, has been behaving like a wee tyrant. The last time I posted about being relieved it was Monday, Max had also been sick. Interesting. Every time his behaviour goes sideways, I worry that he is regressing, losing the very skills we have fought tooth and nail for. Inevitably, within a week or so he starts to feel better and the Max I know and love returns, all smiles. Add to that the changes to Max's routine and it is no wonder he is acting like a little bear. Suddenly his sister is at daycare, and he really seems to dislike this. I guess I understand, it was his one place he got to go where he could escape from her. The Infant play area is right next to the Toddler playground, so he can hear her when she cries. It would seem that he is able to pick her cry out, because when he hears her, he starts to scream (not so with the other babies). Let's hope that she starts crying less and that he grows a little more tolerant.

I have also decided to bump up Max's IBI hours by 50%, from 8 hours to 12 hours per week. His therapist from Blue Balloon will be working with him at daycare twice a week, which will help Max transfer some of the skills they have been working on to daycare, and also allow Brian to work on different goals with him. I'm also hoping that Max's daycare teachers will be able to learn from Brian and ask him questions regarding how to work with Max and deal with some of his challenging behaviour. Poor kid gets no breaks - he's going to be in IBI therapy Monday through Friday now. While I'm really not sure where I'll find the money for this, I feel good about putting him in more therapy. The window for being able to essentially rewire an Autistic child's brain is between the ages of 2 and 5. Max turns 3 this Thursday, so I am feeling anxious as the window for us to really help him gets smaller. How sad is it that he won't get funding for IBI until he is at least 5? Welcome to Onterrible.


  1. Leith is the same way - everytime he gets sick he regresses and forgets all the things he has learned and accomplished. Don't be discouraged - that's what being under 10 is all about :)

  2. I often wonder what are symptoms of Autism and what are symptoms of being 2, almost 3. Thanks for the info - helps me stay sane and gives me hope :-)