Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thank You Mabel's Labels!

When the ladies at Mabel's Labels found out that Cameron is starting daycare next week, they were kind enough to make up some labels for us so that her stuff doesn't get lost! How nice is that? They also sent me some Mama cards and labels for my recycling bins. And they didn't forget Max either - I just haven't had a chance to label his gear up yet. So, thank you Mabel's Labels, from your #1 Blogg(h)er.


  1. Laura3:55 PM

    Kat - can you post about whether you think there's a link between vaccinations and Max's diagnosis? I'm worried about having my son vaccinated because of a connection, but would appreciate hearing from you!


  2. Hi Laura - I'll be a buddi-budski and give my $0.02 worth. My eldest child has autism. Of all the research I have done, the jury is still well and truly out (regardless of what the medical profession will say). For me, my kids have a genetic predisposition and I avoid all environmental triggers. I will not vaccinate my other children.
    Of the doctors I know who themselves have a child with autism, they will not vaccinate their subsequent children. That speaks volumes to me.
    If you are more comfortable, you could always delay vaccinations, or have the MMR done in three separate shots. Good luck with your decision but always do what you're comfortable with. You're the mama and you're the boss :)

  3. p.s. cameron's mabels are adorable! :)

  4. Julie - thanks for your comment, it was really helpful.

    Not to sound thick, but how do you know there's a genetic predisposition in your family? Are there others with autism?


  5. Hey Laura - not thick at all.

    That is the main problem....often we don't know of a problem until we have an affected child. We are now discovering that siblings have about a 25-30% chance of also having autism (which is a lot higher than originally thought). I do have an older cousin who I would say has aspergers, but he has never been formally diagnosed. Seems some folks are more at risk of having children with autism....doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants....type A thinkers who pro-create with type A thinkers seem to be at a higher risk (autism numbers are crazy high in silicon valley where you have all these genious computer geeks procreating together!) Obviously I'm making some generalizations, but there definately seems to be some evidence indicating some patterns. I happen to be married to an engineer, whose father is an accountant...and I'm a lawyer (pre-autism mama days!)
    Anyways, hope that helps.

  6. Laura4:46 PM

    Julie - really interesting stuff about professions impacting the predisposition for autism.

    The vaccination stuff really scares me, and I want to give it some further thought.

    Thanks so much!

    - Laura