Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Week 7: Weight Loss Wednesday (aka "I Found My Muse").

After hemming and hawing for a few months about going to my college reunion this summer, I finally bit the bullet and decided to go. Turns out, this was just the kick in the ass I needed to get me taking losing weight seriously. Up until this week, I was easily tempted by anything yummy that was offered to me... or hidden in the back of the top shelf of that cupboard that I can't reach and have to get a step stool out to access. Ahem.

I have 13.5 weeks until the reunion (I took these pictures precoffee and premakeup, so be kind). That's a good chunk of time for me to trim down. Realistically, I don't want to lose all that much weight. I like my curves, and so far as I know, so does my husband, so I don't want to get all crazy and get too skinny. I mean, if I do that, then every time I cry you'll all be laughing at me.

My weight as of April 1st (and this is no joke) is 168 lbs. I'm going to set a goal weight of 150 lbs by the reunion. That's 18 pounds in 13.5 weeks, or roughly 1.33333333333 pounds per week. I think I can do that. If I manage to get any lower, then that's gravy (the low fat kind). 150 will get me back into the single digit dress sizes and will allow me to keep my curves, and it is also a weight I can realistically maintain.
My goal this week is not going to be weight focused, it is going to be water focused. As in, I need to start drinking it, and not the wine flavoured kind. Also, salads, at lunch and dinner! Nothing like a little fibre to get things moving. Maybe I'll even cook something yummy from my best friend Jennifer's food blog. That chickpea stew is calling my name and so far she has yet to deliver any to my doorstep (to be fair, Jennifer lives in Ottawa).

Week 1 Weight: 170.8 lbs
Current Weight: 168 lbs


  1. Vanessa10:33 a.m.

    Kat, in these last couple of current webcam photos, au naturel, pre-coffee and everything, you really look beautiful! I'm not just saying that, you really do look awesome. However, don't let my humble opinion stop you from getting fit & healthy and feeling good!! Go for it, if anybody can do it, it's you!

  2. You are very sweet Vanessa :-)

  3. Carolyn12:42 p.m.

    I have the same probably with the wine flavoured water. I currently have the same diet plan, because last summers beer and wings didn't do me any favours. I had to go buy some new work pants and all I could think about was those pesky wings... And that "occassional" chocolate bar. You can do it!!

  4. Anonymous1:20 p.m.

    Starting afresh with you, Kat! I have about 40lbs I'd like to shed before heading back to work.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey.

    - Christy

  5. I'm glad I'm not alone on this, and I'm hoping my honesty about my progress and set backs helps.

  6. I'm late on my end of the month post because I haven't figured out yet how to be OK with the Sugar Cabin- all - you-can-eat pancakes thing I went to on Sunday! DAMN!

    BTW - my security word for this comment is "Relicut" - which sounds like a new-fangled diet suppliment!

  7. I have to give up the wine flavoured water as well. Next week. *sigh* I have company all week, so shoot me ! Terrible attitude , eh !

  8. It's hard to do when you have company...I'll bug you about it next week ;-)