Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol: Song From the Year You Were Born.

Only 2 girls left out of the final 8? Oy. I really hope this doesn't end up being all dudes for the final 4. That would be bor-ing.

Danny Gokey - 1980 - Stand By Me: I didn't hear the melody once (this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine). The song Stand By Me was originally released in 1961, so I don't understand how this qualifies as a song from the year you were born. Unless Danny is a lot older than he looks? Anyway, the arrangement was completely over the top and the song was lost. People seem to like him though, so I doubt he will be in the bottom three.

Kris Allen - 1985 - All She Wants To Dance: Pretty good, not great. The vibe was different than what he has done before, I think he was trying to channel some Jamiroquai (unsuccessfully). Hate the pencil mustache. Gross.

Lil Rounds - 1984 - What's Love Got To Do With It: Finally a song that should be in her wheelhouse, but I agreed with Paula that she didn't make it her own. I wonder why she keeps picking songs that she can't put her mark on? Someone needs to help this girl out.

Anoop Desai - 1986 - True Colours: Risky...doing a chick song. Nice arrangement, but he changed the melody too much, and missed some of the key notes in doing so. Overall this was alright, but he doesn't seem to be able to find a balance between "party all the time" type songs and serious ballads. Might be time for Anoop to pack his bags.

Scott MacIntyre - 1985 - The Search Is Over: Another shmoopy love song. Playing electric guitar...interesting. Glad someone finally gave him a good haircut, but I am really, really, tired of listening to his sharp-ass voice.

Allison Iraheta - 1992 - I Can't Make You Love Me: I think this song is too old for her - I would have liked to hear her do something that rocked. This was a little cruise singerish for me, but the judges all loved it. Scott hipped me this video of Allison singing in a Spanish singing contest a few years ago. She has improved quite a bit since then.

Matt Giraud - 1985 - Part Time Lover: Why do people insist on trying to sing Stevie Wonder? This wasn't in the pocket, and he was all over the place rhythmically...the whole thing just didn't work for me. The judges loved it, I think they just want him to stick around and are trying to sway the vote. America, don't fall for it!

Adam Lambert - 1982 - Mad World: If you taped the show last night, you probably missed Adam's performance. I had to search for it online this morning and I'm glad I did. If this guy doesn't win, I'll be shocked. If he ends up in the bottom 3 because nobody saw his performance, the judges will absolutely save him. I mean, Simon gave him a standing ovation. SIMON! I know, unbelievable. Prior to this week, I wasn't completely sold on Adam, but he won me over this week. If you missed his performance, you can check it out here.

My predictions for tonight:

Bottom 3:
Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Anoop Desai

Going Home: Matt Giraud


  1. Lil, Anoop and Scott!

  2. Lil is safe, man I hope it is Scott who goes home.

  3. Woot! Goodbye Scott :-)