Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthdaypalooza Preparations.

We are having a Birthdaypalooza party this afternoon. One party, four birthdays. Crazy, I know. If you aren't familiar with the crazy Carefoot birthday story, Scott and Max share a birthday on the 23rd, and Cameron and I share a birthday on the 30th. Four tauri under one roof, we'll be lucky if our house is still standing once these kids are teenagers.Aunt Jennifer has been visiting and we have kept her busy taking pictures, holding babies, reading stories, and shopping. She helped me make the executive decision that it is okay to not decorate the house for the party. My reasoning is that I've got a lot of other things I need to get done and I think it is more important to make homemade birthday cakes than blow up balloons. Plus the sound of balloons popping will upset Max, so it just isn't worth it. I'll photoshop some streamers and balloons into Cameron's pictures so she doesn't look back to her first birthday party and think her mom was a dirtbag.
Scott and I decided that since Max and Cameron play with the same toys, we would get them joint gifts. I ordered a bead table and wall crab from Hot Toads out in New Brunswick. We had all of the grandparents chip in, which made the cost manageable. I also got them some sandbox toys, a play tunnel, and a parachute. The last thing we need in this house is more plastic crap, so I'm happy to have avoided this for the most part.
Birthdaypalooza guests will start arriving this afternoon and hopefully the house will be somewhat not dirty and the kids will be bathed...maybe I'll even get some time to take a shower. Here's hoping!


  1. Happy Birthday everyone! By the way, love Max's ABCD shirt...hilarious.

  2. have an awesome time, you guys!
    (and tell uncle chris i said, "how YOU doin'?" LOL

  3. Happy Birthday everyone ! The kiddos look great.>Daniel had that same shirt..actually his was a onesie. i will have to dig it out for Connor, I forgot about it !

    I still can't believe that the kids were born on both your Birthdays..crazy !