Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Blackberry, How You Taste So Sweet.

Guess who got a BlackBerry Curve for her birthday? That's right - moi! Scott must have gotten tired of hearing me bemoan the fact that I didn't have one, and that I really, really wanted one. I have all sorts of reasons as to why I believe that I "need" one...gotta stay connected to everything once I'm back at work...need to be 100% reachable in case something happens with the kids...etc, etc. Really, I just want one because I like the idea of being able to send and receive emails any damn time I want. And I want to be able to text without having to hit the damn key on my phone three times just to find the letter "c" (yes I am old), and I love sexy new gadgets. Scott got himself one too, so now I can send him naughty messages during the day (on my lunch hour of course...). Excuse me while I go figure out how to turn it on...


  1. Nice...Now I want one too!

  2. You should totally get one. They are awesome.

  3. Way cool! Welcome to the family!!