Sunday, April 12, 2009

Music To My Ears: EiCH FiVE.

I have been wondering that Brian Eichenberger was up to for years. I searched for him on Facebook when I first joined, but I don't think he was on yet. Now, before you go thinking I'm some stalker chick (which I'm not), I went to college with Brian, and I was reconnecting on FB with all of my other classmates from way back when. Anyway, as I said, no dice, he hadn't joined yet. Probably because he was busy recording his new album.

There were a few people that I studied alongside in college that I was 100% confident would end up being successful working musicians, and Brian was one of them. The minute he graduated, he was whisked off to Vegas to join the Four Freshman, and I don't think he has stopped working in music since. You could say he was lucky, but only if you define luck as a lot of hard work and talent meeting up with opportunity. Plus, Brian was one of those guys who wasn't phased by anything, was always calm and collected, and dated the prettiest girl in the state. He had his sh!t together, all before he was 20.

When I found out he was releasing a new album, I was stoked to check it out. Brian has a voice that would make Sting weep. He writes songs that would make Lennon/McCartney proud, and has a pop sensibility that has you singing along the second time you hear the chorus on the first listen. I hoped his recording would reflect all of this, and I have to say, not only was I not disappointed, I was blown away. I'd describe this album as Sting meets Maroon Five, but Maroon Five couldn't carry Brian's luggage, let alone merit a comparison. The maturity of the lyrics (with a bit of humour thrown in), the quality of the recording, and the overall musicianship motivated me to buy not one, but two cds. Yeah, I'm oldschool like that, I like to have the actual physical cd in my hot little hand.

The good news, is that while I'm waiting for my cds to arrive via snail mail, I was able to download his album from his website. Brian has made it available for free for a limited time. I encourage you to download it and check it out. While it is available for free, it would be terrific if you showed Brian some love and paid the small sum of $5 to download it. Or, if you're like me, you could go ahead and order a cd or two for you and for someone you like, in my case, my musician friend Alana.

While the album is fantastic in its entirety, my favourite songs so far are "When You're Gone", "Pocket Superman", and "If You Were Mine". Now go check it out and let me know what your favourite song is. Also, go ahead and follow EiCH FiVE on Facebook.


  1. What! A present is coming my way?? Yippee!

    I am so excited. Can't wait to hear this guy.

    p.s. My security word for this post is "puddmat". Hehe. Puddmat.

  2. Yes, for you! I think you'll really dig him. Check his site out in the meantime.