Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake, Tammy Baker must be losing her faith.

There was cake today at work. Let me be more specific. There were 4 cakes today at work. 3 chocolate, 1 cheese cake. Why must the dieting gods taunt me so, and on the same day that my 'aunt' came to visit, 3 days early. I am very proud though, because despite the massive chips stacked against me, I persevered. It likely helps that last night we went to the gym, so it is currently CRYSTAL clear in my mind just how hard it is to burn 350 calories off, let alone 500. Also, tomorrow is my weigh-in day (I used to have it on Monday, but Monday is bad enough without adding the pressure of having to step onto a scale). I figure Thursday is a good day to check in because it keeps you in check and hopefully motivated for the weekend. We'll see about that I guess. Wish me luck...

If you haven't seen "Fat Actress" you must go watch it. It is written/filmed in a similar style to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" except it is way funnier. I love Kirstie Alley, she is a terrific comedic actress, the show is dark, hilarious, completely offside and a must see. I especially loved the opening scene where she is crawling along the floor of her bathroom, sobbing all the way. And the fact that since it is on Showtime they can say "fuck" all they want. Yeah for the word "fuck". I haven't been this excited about a new show in a while, so it's cool to have something to soak up the oozing pain that is this year's American Idol. That glorified Star Search is like a car wreck, and I am one of those stupid assholes who just has to slow down and rubber neck.

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