Friday, March 18, 2005

I decided I'm hella cute.

I am still on my WWJD kick, so please pardon my twelve-year-old sense of humour and roll with it. Not a lot to say tonight except a few random thoughts...

#1) Blogger has been sucking big donkey bullocks lately. And, if I were Blogger I'd be all "screw you, it's free, we don't care what you think - IT'S FREE!" But Adrianne has flipped to movable type and Jaime has moved to WordPress, so I'm starting to think about it. I just don't want to put a lot of time into moving to something else - Scott thinks that the minute I start focusing on look and feel instead of content I will completely lose interest and stop updating. He might be right on this one and I hate it when he is right (and I am wrong) so I am still hemming and hawing (quite a sight really). But I am wicked jealous of Adrianne's new dooce style header, so I may just fiddle with my template and see what happens.

#2) I have this major brain blockage when it comes to the words affect and effect. I know the difference, but I have this crazy fear that I will screw it up at work, so I usually try to avoid using both words altogether. Makes for some interesting/awkward wording and when that doesn't work, panic stricken emails to Scott asking him to confirm that my use is correct. We had a fifteen minute nerd-love dinner conversation about this exact topic last week and he quizzed me up and down, assuring me I was okay. But still the crippling fear lives on.

#3) The dentist called me back and "lucky me" they can fit me in for a cleaning on Monday night because someone cancelled last minute. Joy oh bliss, I guess it is good that I have very little notice as it will minimize the potential sleepless nights and bad dreams. I fucking abhor going to the dentist (no fault of theirs as they are quite excellent and I drive all the way to Burlington because they are the least terrible dentist I have ever been to). I am the worst patient. I squirm in my seat, yelp at the slightest touch, demand no cold water and inform the dental hygienist right up front that I am well aware that I don't floss enough and she does not need to tell me and if she does I will never come back. When they stick those little pieces of plastic coated bits of cardboard torture in my mouth for x-rays I choke and dry heave. I can only imagine what they have written in my file. Maybe I'll lie to them and tell them I'm pregnant to avoid the x-rays. Scratch that, Scott's entire family goes to the same dentist so that might lead to some awkward conversations/disappointment.

#4) I didn't step on the scale this week, but I did work out 3 times and do pretty well with the eating. I decided I'm hella cute and my curves are pretty sexy. I still want to get fit and lose weight, but I'm not going to hate on myself in the mean sense in that.


  1. Hey Kat! Your title looks AWESOME! Can we make one for me this weekend?


  2. I TOTALLY LOVE your title? How did you make it? Michael made mine and when I want to change it I won't know how. Ohh. Give us a lesson at brunch next Sunday!!

    Speaking of Brunch - where do you ladies want to go? I say Fressen or Aunties & Uncles. Aunties & Uncles is like, my favourite place EVER, but Fressen has scrambled tofu and I know Jen would go crazy over it. Fressen is a little fancier. Aunties & Uncles is very comfy and the food is so good you want to die. But it's small. And Kat has no choice but to sit by the door or the kitchen! ;)

  3. I am so happy you guys like it! I was driven to make a new title when I saw Adrianne's. All I did was steal a picture of a kitty off google images, crop it and tint it pink. Pretty easy if you have photoshop and some time or a talented friend. I wasn't so sure if it was any good at 1am but after sleeping on it I think I like it. I am cool with either place and I can tolerate sitting by the kitchen if that is the only choice ;-)

  4. Cute is for puppies and bunnies. And apparently for Solitaire, since I'll never get to the 'beautiful' stage, so whatever.

    But you, YOU my friend, you're pretty, ma.

    Anyhoo the title is cool (even though I think those creatures are the devil incarnate. I have more adventures with the neighbourhood black cat, which I have nicknamed SATAN. THAT'S RIGHT, the Great Deceiver himself lives in a cat!)

    I know how to make new do they GET there? What HTML wizardry did ya use? I think I'd have to change my template overall to get a new banner and whatnot.

    Oh, here's a site for new blog templates. Not a lot but it's very easy to use:
    Not that Ugly

  5. Soli - it is just a jpeg I created in Photoshop. Then I messed around with the template, deleting the title/header blog tags they insert and replacing it with my image. Took a bit of messing with/previewing but I finally got it right. Sorry to hear you don't dig cats, they are pretty nice creatures.

  6. Both restaurants sound nice to me! I will be so excited just to be in a city where there is a choice of more than three brunch establishments. Does the Aunties and Uncles place have something that doesn't involve scrambled eggs and cheese? I swear to God I'm not normally a fussy person, but cheese gives me migraines and I don't like eggs on their own (french toast is okay, pancakes or waffles are also good).

    Yes, it's Ms. High Maintenance coming to you straight from Ottawa!


  7. Holy Shit, I guess it's Fressen. I'll call ahead to ensure they have The Most Perfect Table Ever put aside, all canvasers are cleared from the door, and that no server attempts to call Kat "Mam"!! What time are you ladies foing to be in the city?

  8. Sound good! Someone was just recommending it to me last night when I was at the Manx talking about my Torontonian brunch needs.

    I don't know our plans timewise. Kat? Any ideas?


  9. I'm easy, not cheap. Whenever.