Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My boobs hurt and I HATE this weather.

Next year I'm going to be nominated for Best Boobies for Dukes of HazardIf you asked Scott, he would probably tell you that I have been one "grumpy Jenny" over the past week. Reasons for this you ask? Well, where do I start?

1. I am so tired of the cold and the grey and the snow. I need winter to be over and done with already. Just as I said this over the weekend, it was like the weather demon decided to play a cruel joke on me, and here we are with another 25cm.

2. I didn't lose any weight this week, and I was really good about tracking my food, drinking my water, and NOTHING. But we have one of those stupid dial scales, where you have to lose 2 pounds before you see the dial move. So, maybe I need to go get a digital scale so I can get some joy if I lose just a pound or something. Still, very frustrating. I should email Jaime for some moral support.

3. American Idol is kinda bad. I fell asleep last night while it was on (usually I am completely captivated by it). I should just stop watching until they get to the final 12, because this whole boy/girl thing sucks. I have to check in with Jennifer to see what she thinks.

4. The Oscars were pretty bad. The only real highlights for me were Chris Rock as MC and Jamie Fox's acceptance speech. I hated Beyonce muddling her way through THREE songs (though I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Josh Grobin wouldn't even look at her during their "duet", and what the hell was with having Antonio Banderas and Santana performing together? I mean, I can accept Santana, but Antonio was brutal. Also, did anyone else notice that his wife Melanie Griffith has started the Goldie Hawn habit of wearing sunglasses all the time (guess the age is starting to show...) and also, her dress had this awful flesh tone fabric back that looked like geriatric support hose stretched from her shoulders to her ass crack. Unfortunate. I have nothing good to say about Star Jones, except that, she needs to go away yesterday.

5. My boobs (aka "stripper tits" a la Adrianne's blog) are KILLING me. This whole being off the pill thing sucks. I much prefer having all symptoms of PMS completely suppressed. Ugh. Being natural is highly overrated.


  1. I went off the pill because I have been on it for almost 15 years, and that seemed not good. Plus, at some point, we will want to start a family, and being on the pill would likey inhibit that. I hope Jennifer will be there, but with her Lightfoot concert a few weeks after that, who knows?

  2. I've been doing depo instead of the pill for a few years now. I love it.

    As for scales, I have a Thinner brand digital scale that reads in half pound increments. Digital is definitely better. Next I think I'm going to get one that measures in tenths of a pound, cuz I'm obsessive like that.

  3. All this Oscar talk makes me mad I missed them.

    Nice blog...