Friday, April 08, 2005

I think I just spontaneously ovulated.

Our friends Stephanie and Shane welcomed their first baby into the world on Monday. Welcome Charlotte Jean. A perfect name for a perfect girl. What a little angel! It seems that the last of our coupled off Burlington friends are getting hitched this summer, so the transition into supposed adulthood is upon us. Being in the twilight of my 20's (a direct quote from Jennifer's Scott) I appreciate that it may be time to consider growing up. But I still have 3 weeks before I have to commit to anything, so I plan on living it up and not succumbing to the not so subtle parental pressure coming our way. Scott thinks I am reading too much into things when I claim that his parents exchange knowing glances when they see me drinking wine with dinner, as if to say, "well, I guess they aren't trying yet". My mom (who will be a wonderful grandmother one day) talks openly about when we have children. And I keep reminding them all that we haven't even been married a year, give us some time. Wasn't there a woman in India who had a baby at the age of 65? I have 35 more years of fertility in front of me...


  1. I'm also surrounded by friends who are moving into the parenthood stage of life and feel compelled to join them. I'm a tad older (29) and have been marreid for ages (10 yrs.), but am still figuring out what I want to do career-wise, which is holding us up on the kid-front. But, there's time enough, so don't rush yourself!

  2. YO are right - there is no rush. Turning 30 has really thrown me off a bit - trying to balance what I thought my life would be at 30 (from the view of a teenage who sees 30 as ancient) vs. where I actually am as a 30 year (hey! 30 isn't that old.

  3. Anonymous7:36 p.m.

    It was your mom (encouraged by Ian) who said you could wait until you are 65. If you want.


  4. i have to agree. 30 has me suddenly thinking about little PJs with feet on them and gaining weight for the sake of procreation.

    and then i have to remind myself: dude? you don't even have a DATE for saturday nite... and now you want to have children? slow your roll!

    i'd like to be a mom one day. thankfully there's no parental pressure from the units to either marry or make babies... but i know my mom wouldn't mind the patter of little feet through the house--and preferably those feet don't belong to the dog...

    kat, melody thomas scott (nikki from young and the restless) once said that the reason her relationship with her hubby and kids was so good was that she and her hubs waited and took their time to build and nurture their relationship before having kids.

    enjoy scott now before you're buried under a mountain of dirty diapers and barely enough energy (or desire) to "hang out". :)

  5. Hey girl, my couz over in England is bombarded with the whole "when are you having a kid thing". I feel sorry for any married folks that go through that. Can't you tell people to (politely) sod off, y'all are having fun, no need to rush?
    If I were in that sitch I WOULD tell them to sod off, and if they want to see some keeds, they can go and make their damn own!!!

  6. I dont think I want kids until I have menopause...