Monday, May 16, 2005

'Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Christopherr V2.0
This is my friend and coworker Chris. Isn't he stylin'? Isn't his hair wicked? Check out those threads. We are currently working on the Christopherr (that's right, 3 R's) M. Style Guide. Not to worry, it will include everything from what product(s) to use in your hair, correct amount of cuff to be showing, how to primp one's collar, and most importantly, how to look oh-so-cool-as-a-cucumber when being photographed. See, he's mastered that, "alright, I guess I will allow you to photograph me if you must" look. Notice I look a little bit "special" in this picture...or is that starstruck (like, ohmygawd, my friends are never going to believe this, I must preserve this for prosperity)? The best thing about Chris is his walk. This man will hurry for nobody. One day as we were walking to my car, his girlfriend Lulu and I were chatting up a storm and I looked back, and there's Chris, 20 feet behind us, strollin'. I yelled "Chris, why you movin' so slow?" and he said something slick like "hey, when you look this good, you gotta move slow so everyone can check you out". Wiser words have never been spoken.
Christopherr V1.0 (aka dirtbag phase)
For those of you who feel completely hopeless, like, I will never look this stylin', there is hope. He didn't always look this good. No he did not. In fact, (and I ain't 'fraid to say it) for a while there, he looked like a complete dirtbag. See, the story goes that for years he shaved his head. Then one day, he stopped. Cold turkey, stopped. For four months he just let it grow and grow. Not one visit to the hairsalon to get it shaped, trimmed, nothing. He looked like a porcupine. He wore a baseball cap for months (not an ounce of product in his hair!). His porcupine head made him feel gross, so he started dressing like a dirtbag too. Sweats and t-shirts, ill-fitting jeans and grubby sneakers. I would look at him and ask "Chris, would please just get a haircut?" and he would shake his head stubbornly and chuckle (apparently looking like a dirtbag was funny to him). But that's Chris for you, a man of few words (most of the time), and a true diamond in the rough. Dirtbag to debonair, you saw it here first folks. And hands off ladies, he is spoken for - though feel free to comment and tell him just how fine he looks (it's good for his ego).


  1. check out the dirtbag pic. notice how the hair slightly sweeps over the ear. i called them my 'wings'!

    more to come when i pass along the DOs and DONTs style guide.

  2. Hah! Can't wait...the bar has been raised high.

  3. Even when you were a dirtbag babe, you were still my baby.

    Plus you gave me some of the best laughs of my life with the porcupine hair.